Amateur radio station for London
to celebrate the London 2012
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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2O12L - that's Two Oscar One Two London

The call sign of the London Flagship Amateur Radio Station celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. This unique amateur radio special event radio station operated from the Royal Greenwich District Scouts Activity Centre in New Eltham, south-east London between 25th July and 9th September 2012. Eltham is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, one of the six "host boroughs" for the Games.

2O12L went QRT at 21.33z on Sunday 9th September, at the conclusion of the Paralympic Games. We exceeded our QSO target, and finished just short of 70,000 QSOs. This is a new World Record number of contacts for a Special Event Station! The previous record established by DQ2006X was exceeded on 21st August when the QSO total reached 49,791. Many thanks to everyone around the world for the contacts.

DVD now available - see the News page, and click here for a preview on Youtube.Where we are

The plan had always been to make at least 60,000 contacts during the seven weeks of round the clock operation. Having achieved that, we revised our target to another round figure of 70,000.

The first contact was made on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th July, when the first Games football event took place in Cardiff. Operations closed down at the end of the Paralympics on Sunday 9th September.

The station was open to the public from 10am to 4pm each day, for visitors to view an exhibition about radio communications and electronics, and sit down at the radio and make contact with amateur radio operators right around the world.

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